Composer / Arranger

Erre que Erre

– As a composer I worked with the Contemporary Dance Company Erre que Erre, signing the music of the following shows: Despegando sombras del suelo (1996, 1st prize for best choreography and best original music of X Choreography Competition Madrid, Third Prize at the Prix Volinine 99, Saint Germain en Laye, Paris) Vaivén (1997); Divadlo (1999), Pensamientos Despeinados (2001, Premi d’Arts Escèniques, 2001 Lleida, Spain) and APAAI (2003) which where premiered in the Barcelona Summer Festival GREC 2003, and the music for video- dance Divadlo directed by Guillem Morales (2001, Award for Best Original Music on the Festival de Cortos Badalona 2002, Award Public Poleñino Festival 2002, 3rd prize audiovisual VII Certamen de Cabra, Córdoba, Award Citta Cineforum Senigalia, 3rd prize 16/35 mm Fano International Film Festival, Italy 2002, Best Experimental Video Award Minimum Gandía 2003), APAAI and Mitsune (Award the public of the festival Napolidanza 2006, Napoles), and APAAI based on the namesake of the company shows.

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– I’m the coauthor of many of the tracks of the first two albums from the band Macaco, published in multiple media, including audio-visual such as television and advertising (Tio Pedrito, SGAE ISWC: T-0415137039), remixes (Mamma Hemp, SGAE ISWC: T-0415252128) and compilations (Gacho el Peleón, SGAE ISWC: T- 0415252106).

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– I’m the author of all tracks on the first disk of the band Barxino, some of them included in compilations such as Active Sound 2 and Active World, published in France by the label Music Mosaic, Muevete bien published in France and Mexico for Sabor Discos, I Contrari published in Italy by One Taste, Popdeurope 2 published in Germany by Peacelounge, KrackRock Compilation released in Belgium by KrackRock Festival and Funkadelica Volume 2 published worldwide by Edel Music.

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Funyi, Lienzo y Alpargata

– As part of the repertoire of FLA debuted as an author with tango “Gil”.

Gil_Martin F from Martin F on Myspace.

Orquestra del Caos

– Between 1998 and 2000 I was part of the collective of cultural management Orquestra del Caos, with J. M. Berenguer and others, resident company in the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, where we organized and prodcued events within the field of sound art, such as symposia enred-o: própia copia, 6th symposium of Electroacoustic music , November 1998, soundscape, 7th Symposium of Electroacoustic Music, November 1999, electric songs, 8th symposium of Electroacoustic music, December 2000. I also participated in the development of Sonoscope, an archive of sound art, and the 1999 and 2000 editions of the Sound Art Festival Zeppelin.
I created sound pieces for the pròpia-còpia (1998) and soundscapes (1999) symposiums, included in the compilations published for the occasion. I authored the soundscapes symposium interactive CD (1999). Participated in the creation and staging of the experimental piece-sound installation Sonic-Mem (2000), programmed on Max/MSP and semantic algorithms.