Music Producer


  • My role as a music producer means doing whatever it takes to capture an artist’s ideas and create a successful record.
  • When making a record, I draw from both my creative and technical backgrounds.
  • I work with artists and their songs to fill-in the blanks, either by doing it myself or bringing in my talented friends in to help.
  • My goal as a producer is to marry together an artist’s music with an unique sonic aesthetic that enhances the power of their record.


  • Mixing is one of my favorite parts of making a record – it’s the last opportunity to add (or subtract) energy to a song’s production/arrangement.
  • Although it can seem like it, creating a great mix isn’t just a technical process. It’s all about presenting the songs in a way that elicits emotion from the listeners.
  • It’s all about maximizing the impact of a song and directing the audience’s attention towards the best elements of the production.


  • I continue to cut my teeth in NYC as the house engineer at multiple studios, working with a wide array of artists on a daily basis.
  • My approach when working as an engineer on a project is to make the raw recorded tracks sound as good as possible, as early as possible.
  • When working as both the producer and engineer on a project I’m able to begin establishing the shape of a song from the beginning.
  • Once you’ve recorded a balafon, uilleann pipes, tubas, and tablas everything else seems like a piece of cake.


  • I team up with artists, companies, fellow music producers and engineers to brainstorm, strategize and implement creative ideas.
  • As music producer I understand the importance of social media and know how to maximize its impact.
  • I enjoy studying and analyzing trends in all facets of the music business.
  • By having worked with not just artists, but also record and publishing companies, manufacturers, lawyers and promoters, I have gained an unique perspective and a wealth of contacts in the industry.